In the beginning, a place before time itself….there was nothing…just the endless sea of the universe stretching into eternity. This sea had creatures of their own but they had no life…they, swam but without purpose…the universe was calm and without conscious….a place so peaceful….yet, lifeless. Then from the smallest ember of dew from a dying star that fell into the marble surface of the ocean arose a creature with four limbs…two which he walked with and two with which he held himself up firmly…..this was the first being created from the ripple of a disturbed conscious…he was a being of strange affinities…the universe was his playground and although at first his movements were barely crawls he soon learnt to walk upright. From a rock he fashioned into a boat what we now call the moon…this was his vessel of travel through which he had a means of navigating the cosmos…from a piece of his ark he fashioned himself a rod through which he could obtain sustenance…from the dust of the stars he  created a scroll to chronicle his travels and the fires of the suns he would be his ink…in these he inscribed the commandments which would later become the vassals of knowledge passed down to generations of humankind….for an eternity he sailed the endless waters of the universe neither growing tired nor weary and for what was life when it had no beginning or end? It was not life and he knew this to be so. The boatman having grown weary even though he was incapable of feeling hunger, pain, or weakness decided to share his new found knowledge with the cosmos….so that beings such as him may come into existence to share his new found philosophy….but to do so would require the arousal of the universal unconscious. He took his few prized possessions from his boat-a lamp that never ran out  , his scrolls, and a sun which he had stored in the sack of his boat. The sunstone had been his jewel among jewels and he cared for it as a mother cared for her child….he knew what he would have to do though, to create beings of his own kind as what created him-the death of a star had created him, who knows what the death of an entire sun could do ?…he readied himself for the ritual…he wrapped the stone with the parchment of the scrolls and tied them together with string .He then swung it back and smashed the sun-stone on the surface of the marble ocean as the only way to free light is to break it against the darkness this he learnt from the stars…what he had not for-seen was what it would unleash…what it would create…putting all his might into his arm he smashed the sunstone into a thousand brilliant shards so great as so that they almost blinded him

but while it almost destroyed him….at the same time color flowed into every part of the universe destroying some…while making room for others…it spread like wildfire…however an unforeseen occurrence took place, the hand that held the sunstone having being wounded from clenching the stone dripped dewdrops of his life into the universe…the lifeless creatures now obtained the spirit  and  acquired their own thoughts with which they now created the universal conscience which enabled them to communicate with the boatman as they sat under the stars. He encountered  many beings in his travels….even on certain occasions marveling at his own creations. However knowing their marvels he desired to fashion these creatures after himself and give them their own home  to play in. From the dust he fashioned clay and from the clay he fashioned  a new home for these strange creatures….from his blood he ran the rivers, from his tears he made the rain, from his breathe he made the wind and the trees his hair.

Little did he know that this itself was a new element called time which he invariably created and set into motion a world whose history would be crafted and retold throughout the ages…he created time and did not know it

… never had enough….gods wasted what  they had….people sold their souls for it….and everyone craved it…yes this was our world…from the eyes of a single cosmic being

……so from the dawn of time to the end of days  creatures from far and wide would fill the world with color and light…….to  the north went the land of the elvish races  and the trolls….  to the  east went the oni… the west  was   proclaimed the domain of the mortals… the  south  went the land of the dragons and rakshasas…..there were those that fashioned their own path as well…keeping to the seas and   choosing to carve their own destiny into the reefs…..they would become the sons of the sea…..all descendants of the God Echabod……their race  would be remembered throughout history   for their battles and heroism in the face of overwhelming odds…..the mortals would lead to the birth of several warrior races: the humans, the faeries, the Elder ones, the daemons and lastly, the Az- smiths



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